woensdag 29 december 2010

Cycled 80 km & Our Bottoms burn!!!!

Today at 7.00 we took a fresh start in the swimming pool and left Koh Lanta.Two times we took the ferry and received a lift from a great Australian Architect with his nice wife for 30 km's with a funky pick up truck,respect for these people they help poor children and clean the beach everyday by removing as much plastic they can carry.We cycled 81.6 km's and it rained from time to time.At 40 km's we began to feel our bottoms and tried all postures you can imagine you can do on a saddle.Burn baby burn!!! Just arrived in a great fishermans hut.Tomorrow we gonna kayak.Yesterday we did some horse riding on Koh Lanta(this is the biggest love of Salome and the first horses we saw when we drove on our motorbike)The owners wife had a little monkey wich lost his family and was thinking she was his real mother.So sweet.
Today a dog chased us down and run 10 km's with us,wich started as an treath ended up in friendship.Nice meetings with animals and humans how funny life can be.

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