maandag 27 december 2010

Cycling with a wonderfull child!!!

On the road with a child is great.To see how she develops. Her concentration to be with us on the bikes is increasing,at this moment she is so addicted that if we have some relax days everymorning at 7.00 she wants to ride and get in to the adventure.For her there is so much to see so many flavours to smell so much contact with different cultures and she loves it.She likes to ride 2 times a day the bike if we are not on the cyling route to feel the vibrations and to be in the sun with her hair swinging in the wind.Today we rented a motorbike and she got addicted to drive it, she gave gas,used the horn and we cruised along the island.Tomorrow at 7.00 for 1 time we gonna motorbike together the island and then it's back to old school riding the bike.We are lucky that from the age of 2 months Salome travelled with us to :Spain,Portugal,Turkey,Egypt,France,Belgium,Germany and now Thailand and Malaysia and she is brave,a soul traveller who loves adventure.We are lucky to have this dreamteam.

Happy new year


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  1. He helden,
    Net weer even bijgelezen in jullie avonturen. Erg leuk! En spannend ook. David, wat een tocht met alle bagage!
    Glibberen wij hier nog even een tijdje door de sneeuw. Ha.

    Liefs, Ronald.