vrijdag 3 december 2010

1 dec. The Logistics

7.00 clock we woke up,it was a freezing day i was freezed tom my bones.We packed everything in our mini car,checked everything before we loaded it and as Salome was in her dreamtime we did the finishing touch without talking but doing both what we had to do.10 o'clock we brought some stuff to Gisela drunk a cup of tea and Salome and Amira did a little nap.14.00 i fixed the car tyres,went to the bikeshop to release some mechanics i can's do and put the last bags in the car.Colld so cold it was bbbrrrrrrrrrr!-7 but with the wind it felt -15!!
14.00 I put the bikes on our car & we went to Otto and Christine to bring our dog Mickey the boxer 17 years old..16.00 Christine(my mother) made a wonderfull diner and we ate like hungry wolves freezed from the cold weather.17.00 Otto brought us to the airport we arrived at 18.00 with the heavy load and with i didn't get the car faster then 80-90 km.When we arrived i put the bikes from the stand loaded them in 10 minutes with our gear thanked Otto a we ran inside.18.10 we walked to check in no.16 and there she was, my nightmare a student/trainee with an old hungry old coach supervisor/coach,the first words i heard her say when she saw us walking with bikes packing material a lot of bags was OH NO!!!!!!  I thought oh no this gonnan be a hard one to get everything in the plANE!!!!!!! oUR BOTH OH NO'S CHANGED IN OH YES AND IT WORKED REALLY GOOD!!!!We dissambled  the bikes and gear and the bikes weight were ok 17 and 22 kilo our panniers weight 17 so we didn't get over the 23 kilo's!

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