maandag 6 december 2010

Visit to the monky mountain & Tomorrow we gonna cycle a big distance

Today we had an relaxing day went to the beach swim a lot and after our nap we Amira and i received a great thai massage from a little women who was really good.After that we went to a big moutain called the monkey mountain where a hundred of monkeys walked around was quit heavy so much monkeys around you walking playing and following us.WHen we arrived downstaira our water was stolen of the bikes and we saw them proud looking at us with the bottles in their hands,we let go, to dangerous, when i take a photo of 1 big  1 he was ready for attack so i decided to stop and get back,they were around our bikes but we waited to unlock the cycles tille they left.After that we had a great diner on the street vegetables with rice njammie!!!
Now We are landed everybody has rebuild their stomach and jetlag and now we decided to cycle tomorrow at 6.00 to the next stop.

We are so happy we have two beautiful cycles that can handle the panniers and our weight easily.

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