woensdag 29 december 2010

Cycled 80 km & Our Bottoms burn!!!!

Today at 7.00 we took a fresh start in the swimming pool and left Koh Lanta.Two times we took the ferry and received a lift from a great Australian Architect with his nice wife for 30 km's with a funky pick up truck,respect for these people they help poor children and clean the beach everyday by removing as much plastic they can carry.We cycled 81.6 km's and it rained from time to time.At 40 km's we began to feel our bottoms and tried all postures you can imagine you can do on a saddle.Burn baby burn!!! Just arrived in a great fishermans hut.Tomorrow we gonna kayak.Yesterday we did some horse riding on Koh Lanta(this is the biggest love of Salome and the first horses we saw when we drove on our motorbike)The owners wife had a little monkey wich lost his family and was thinking she was his real mother.So sweet.
Today a dog chased us down and run 10 km's with us,wich started as an treath ended up in friendship.Nice meetings with animals and humans how funny life can be.

maandag 27 december 2010

Cycling with a wonderfull child!!!

On the road with a child is great.To see how she develops. Her concentration to be with us on the bikes is increasing,at this moment she is so addicted that if we have some relax days everymorning at 7.00 she wants to ride and get in to the adventure.For her there is so much to see so many flavours to smell so much contact with different cultures and she loves it.She likes to ride 2 times a day the bike if we are not on the cyling route to feel the vibrations and to be in the sun with her hair swinging in the wind.Today we rented a motorbike and she got addicted to drive it, she gave gas,used the horn and we cruised along the island.Tomorrow at 7.00 for 1 time we gonna motorbike together the island and then it's back to old school riding the bike.We are lucky that from the age of 2 months Salome travelled with us to :Spain,Portugal,Turkey,Egypt,France,Belgium,Germany and now Thailand and Malaysia and she is brave,a soul traveller who loves adventure.We are lucky to have this dreamteam.

Happy new year


zondag 26 december 2010

merry christmas from koh Lanta

Hello!! We have had a few days of being in a clownesque movie of being in the wrong places at the wrong time, and us trying to get to the right place, hopping from island to island, one place being even more horrible than the the next, loud devilish music, crazy drunks, whores with old bald fat guys, people after our money trying to rip us off and every place full and expensive because of the holidays. After running around for a few days like that now we have finally found a place in Thailand with the perfect vibe we like: Koh Lanta: quiet, pretty, flat, green, a small hotel a beautifull place with a relaxed energy to it, friendly people. A beachbar made from driftwood is like our dreamhouse of Robinson Crusoe with a fairylike atmosphere at night full of little lanterns like fireflies, there's a bonfire on the beach, good food and the perfect music to fit your mood. It cannot get better for us now. Aaaaahhhh..... This is what we expected much of Thailand to be but it is definately not. We even thought: Thailand is not our place to be, but we have found this place now and we are staying here to relax and fill up on good energies before hitting the road to Malaysia again. The most touristy and therefore horribel places seem to be behind us now. The best decision so far: getting rid of Lonely Planet and going with our own vibe. It works much better for us!
Salome is developing her social skills, learning to make new friends everywhere, her first word of english is: Thank You and she already knows the tricks of hitch-hiking: putting her tiny little thumb up, catching rides from incredibly friendly people when on the road with mom and a broken bike.
we wish you wonderful christmas days and for the new year: to think about your dreams and how you can make a step towards fulfilling them!
Kiss, Amira

woensdag 22 december 2010

2 Broken bikes & and lost each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ahum, were to start???
Cycle touring is NOT the chilling relaxing fantasy : drinking cold drinks & tanning on the beach  wich people think of when we tell what we are doing.
It's action and hard work.
Ofcourse sometimes we can relax, but pedalling and doing a lot of logistics in the hot sun is asking a lot of your condition and bounds you as an family but is also heavy.

We arrived at Phuket Airport and try to get away but 3 spokes were broken onAmira's bike and the 2 wheels looked like 2 eggs just fresh laid from a big chicken.
My tyres refused to get air in so what to do?

We walked to the resort and we were lucky we had a big bedroom wich we turned into a bike workshop.Took the spare parts and tried to work it out.

My bike was ok after some work but Amira's bike was terrible.
Next morning at 6.30 she left with Salome to Phuket town  she cycled on her shaking egg big and had  a lot of adventure wich i cannot write because i only heard the sories, hopefully she will write i to you.
I can only tell mine.The goal from Amira was to let her bike fixed in the bike shop 45 km's away from our hotel and let me sleep.I was in shock they left and i didn't knew were so i got up cycled and searched and finally received an sms with here goal.Then i went to the pool and did a swim and try to tan but after a few minutes the logistics came into me: do the laundry get your bike tuned etc. I was on my way to the laundry  and the moment i was there Amira called me with a surprise plan.
Let's meet on Kata beach in the south 48 km from the hotel were you are now.It was 10.45 and just paid the hotel room for another night,check out time 11.00.I cycled as an beast to the reception trying to get the money back,sweating and deep breathing a arrived at the reception did my story and they gave back my money.
I packed all the bags on the bike and looked like an camel,because Amira didn't expect we would move she left all the luggage.So the luggage of 2 bikes now on 1 bike.I managed to do it thanx to the great nets we have.My tyre was flat on the ground and shaking like a boogie woogie orchestra.4 hours cycling of cycling in hot sun was quite heavy halfway i didn't had any energy i ate a pack of cookies and off i went.I dronk liters of water and was sweating them out at the same time.I was totally wet.I looked at the map and it looked great close to my goal but now i met some giant mountains wich almost killed me.I taped a picture of baba ji on my handlebars and with my last energy i wlked and cycled the mountains every now and then when my energy was gone i looked at the picture meditated and try to go on.It worked.But it was heavy a mountain with loads of cars and bas gas you inhale with your last breath my troath felt like a diesel truck smoke pipe. Dry and dirty.At a certain moment on top of 1 of the killing mountains tere was a Harley Davidson Hells Angels workshop were i stopped i went to the boss and showed him my belt driven bike, he was laughin gave me his telephone number and told me whenever we had problems he was coming to help me because i drive a belt driven bike like Harley Davidson with the gates belts.

After this nice meeting and with my last energy i cycled the last mountains and found the hotel very easilly.
I cycled to the pool stopped put my clothes of and spashed in the water to hot i was.The people who only relax and drink beers were looking at me :he is hot and crazy to cycle here.But respect all people waved to me and were impressed by my prestation.It was great to see my family again and we are in a fantastic hotel.We went to a restaurant and eat so hot that the waitress was bringing ice and water to Salome her and our mouths are burning like fire.Today i went to a bike shop to tune my tyres and bought a bike computer the other one felt off by downhilling the mountains to fast.

In 1 day we have to leave here it's full, but we love it here.


maandag 20 december 2010

What is it to be where you are?

I am for a few days now pondering the question of what it means to be somewhere and to live simply and my only answer is that this means something different for everybody! We see people who are schlepping around big suitcases filled with all their stuff from home, laptops, dvd-players, mp3-players, nintendo, the precise thing for this and that, so that their kids won't be bored and they won't feel too much out of their comfort-zone, is my guess. And then they're off, to watch the poor-minority-people in the mountains living their simple life-styles! Maybe we can start a business selling little travel-vacuumcleaners and it will be a hit? Lucky us, blessed with the idea that we think Salome doesn't need any of this, so she has a little lump of clay and 3 shells and many adventures with elephants, crabs and see and sun and people, that hopefully she will remember somewhere in her heart.
Expectations are undeniably what we carry around here, (I wonder if there is a relation to the size of your lugagge?), and what travel does to you is to force you big time to get in touch with how you think it ought-ta-be and throw all of this out in favor of how-things-are. Traveling with a small child displays the whole day a huge example of this and it is loads of fun to see the way that Salome simply surrenders to what is. I received an email that said: in that way being away from home can mean going home, and it really touched my heart! Travelling really shows how -Surrendering to what is- is the easy way home, when all unfolds under your feet, and that the more you hold on to your Self with all its expectations and needs, the more difficult it is to be where you are and to live simply. We are now on our way south to get back on the bike-route that we came here for, to see what's in store for us. Phuket here we come!
Love, Amira

zondag 19 december 2010

Travelling from north to south

Yesterday on the beach we decided last minute to leave for new adventure.1 problem: i paid our beach hut for 10 days and we only stayed for 5.But the owner was very sympathic and we received our money back.Then the teamwork went quick and smooth.We booked the boat and bus to Bangkok,1 night hotel in Bangkok,1 flight to Phuket, a van to pick us up tomorrow to bring us to the airport,printed the tickets etc.I cycled around to fix tape plastic etc. to wrap the bikes and on 1 of my cycle moments to arrange all the things wich were my responsibility(at least 15 things to do and cyling around to get it fixed)  It was getting dark & 5 meter in front of me a scooter was hit by a pick and fast running pick up truck, the scooter driver was ok but it took him an 8 meter slide before he stopped.After all this action we said goodbye to Salome's new friends, Anne Liv,Luca and Isa we went to bed.Salome woke up at 5.45 and was very happy,we took the boat & bus and cycled to our hotel in Bangkok.Tomorrow we fly to Phuket

Radha Soami Ji

zaterdag 18 december 2010

New adventure heading to Bangkok and then to Phuket

We have waited long enough we gonna try to find the sun.Tomorrow we leave by boat and bus to Bangkok and then try to fly to phuket.

c u later

vrijdag 17 december 2010


Today we had a biking day! We made it all the way to Bang Bao, a stilt-village in the south of Koh Chang, thanks to it being overcast and cloudy even here, cool enough to cycle. There were a thousands steep hills to conquer for it but we did it and it was worth it! Then on to a little beach to cool off only to find out it is probably also where the sewer from Bang Bao runs into, yuuggh! So much for idyllic nature! Raced back to the hotel for a warm shower, fortunately the guy who sold us fruit earlier wanted to take us back in his truck, we were wasted from pushing the bike up the thousand hills. Also: I magically found money everywhere yesterday, it came rolling to me in the waves and was lying on the bridge in the moonlight, what a fun way to be treated! Thanks to whoever it came from!! I treated my loved ones to a super breakfast.
And now we are back on our problem on where to go and what to do next, emailing with the friendly folks from Asian Way of Life, the company that sponsored us with a route, for some good advice since all around us is malaria-countries. We still hope to get back on track to the south, 3 months fly by when you are having fun! We learn mostly and once again that paradise (Sant Mat) is in your own soul! Kiss, Amira

donderdag 16 december 2010

Hit by an baby elephant,build an raft,x-mas party & strange weather forecast!!!!!!!!!!

Salome's favorite tour in the morning is to cycle to her favorite elephants :first we feed the Elephant group with her favorite elephant called Namphet who is pregnant.After that we go to an other group were also is a little baby, if you get close and touch his back he's dancing turns around climbs on the fence and hit you hard with his long wet slubbering nose, he did it 2 times and he really enjoys it: like a cartoon he turns his head to the right and then very fast to the left i felt like goofy or donald duck surprised and in shock,i looked at him and he was dancing and  happy looking at me me with twinkling eyes.I really didn't knew baby elephants are that strong and it makes it very clear for these are very wild and strong animals and you have to behave to them with deep respect.

The weather forecast info here and from the netherlands are  not in harmony.

Here they say rain till second week of januari and heavy fluds maybe an tsunami on 30 december,already landtongs are eaten up by the sea.

In Holland they tell us there is some rain and that's it.

We don't know what to do right now: we like to go back to the south but we were in the middle in the rain and all the tourists we speak left there totally wet and the forecast is not good at all.

What to do??????????

Any ideas more then welcome.

Yesterday i started building a raft from wood and bamboo.Today i customized it and it sails great.All the kids love it and in this hot weather it's fun to play with.

We met some new friends and today Salome was invited to the x-mas party they had.it was great fun.



koh chang

woensdag 15 december 2010

Amira here

Hello, Amira here for the first time blogging. We are staying on Koh Chang, it is a tropical island on the east coast of thailand and we are here waiting to return to our BIKE-route. We try to make the best of it but it is a strange vacation when everything inside of us was adrenaline-ready to go for action and now all this energy is still there but we have to wait for the wheather to get better in the south. Koh Chang is unbikable, so steep you cannot even push your bike up the hill. So this is our day: wake up call at 6.30 by Salome who invariably starts the day saying: Mommy, I have slept good! Then one of us bikes with her to feed banana's to the elephants (yes....) and we meet each other at our favorite coffee-place. Fortunately Thai people also wake up early so at 6.30 everything is open and everybody going about their business. Yesterday we had what will be one of the best days in all these three months: we visited the elephants in the forest up north of Koh Chang where unsurprisingly Salome made a great impression on our little group being so brave and daring to play with them and swim with them and having fun with it! It was amazing to be around these animals.
The rest of the day is spent swimming and playing in a 30C ocean, and eating thai food in a little restaurant that we discovered: organic and vegetarian!
So far so good, we will survive here until newyears (everything seems to be booked full until newyears) but we still feel a bit antsy to get back on what is our real goal: biking. So i am on to check once more the wheather in the south, Sawadee to yall! Amira

Cycling Koh Chang

The decision to left the south was a very good one.Till today it's raining all the day in the south till the end of December.This feels good,sometimes we are to impulsive but our reaction now was very good.After 3 days in hectic Bangkok it's very nice to found a place were we can land from the adventure we already had in only 1 week.People we meet and tell the stories they think we are for months in Thailand but it's only 14 days that we are here.Yesterday we took a new hut, a small 1 it was cheaper and nicer than the big one we had.We see,hear and smell the sea,and we love it here.
Everymorning i go cycling around 6.30-7.00 o'clock and feet the elephants around here.Next to our hut is a little baby elephant.So sweet.
We decided to stay for 10 days on the island to land and have a Holiday feeling,we enjoy the sun,sea and veggie food.
Happy greetings from Koh Chang

dinsdag 14 december 2010

Elephant ride!!!!

Today we did an Elephant ride for 1 hour in the jungle and after this we swim 1 hour with the elephants in a nice pool with rocks and fishes who clean your feet, the water was bright and for me it was an experience of a lifetime ,it was fantastic.Salome brushed the elephant and she loved it to be on the neck of the elphant touch and hug the elephant and be in full contact with nature and the animals here.

We left Bangkok by bus it was a 5 hours drive,then took the boat and now we are on the island Koh Chang.It's amazing in the middle of the jungle.We firts slept 2 nights in Blue Lagoon resort . The resort was also a cooking school with very good vegetarian food.After 2 days we moved to  KP huts .The reason it is more peacefull and the hut is on the beach facing the ocean.It's a beautifull place and we sleep and dream in the rhythm of the waves.

We cycled the mountains here but it's to steep. Halfway the mountains we stopped a pick up wich was an police officer who brought us a long way.Everyday we cycle the island step by step

Love from Thailand

vrijdag 10 december 2010

Bangkok cycling next level for our adventure!!!!

We landed here in Bangkok.We get used to the traffic and total chaos and find peace and harmony in ourselves. Now we know how to behave in traffic and people the are nice.We just had breakfast and  our big family split up.our belgium friends left to koh kut and the germans to cambodja.We stay another day and leave tomorrow to cycle around koh mak it's a peacefull island near koh chang.Yesterday we booked the hotel on the island,checked the bus etc.we were at the swimming pool  & walked around a nice market .I bought a shirt and eat in our favorite restaurant ; they have fresh salad of great quality.We lunched at an nice  israeli restaurant.Now we gonna relax at the pool.Only we have to book a pick up truck to get to the busstation.

Hope to see you around

woensdag 8 december 2010

You can leave a comment!!!

Just received a message from our webgod that people had problems to leave a comment, he just tuned it,now it's easy!!!!!!!!

try it out


David,Amira and Salome

Cycling 40 km's Bangkok city,it was quite an heavy experience!!!!!!!

This mornig rain rain rain.At breakfast the conversation with OUR new family was about what to do?We checked the internet and decided to leave. To much rain for us,with no stop at all. It will take weeks could be months till this is over.Cambodjia,vietnam ,laos what's next?We don't no yet but 1 thing we knew we had to leave here fast. It was 9.15 and we the reception clerk told us there was a bus to Bangkok at 10 o'clock ,it was in the most remote place you could imagine.We,the new family decided to leave now, we packed as fast as we could, payed our room and jumped on our cycles. Our cycles  made the most freaky water sounds i ever heard and didn't expect this out of these bikes. The family took the tuk tuk. We would meet at the bus stop.Then we were on the road, but after 5 min. we get the insight we didn't now where the busstop was,did not now where the litlle village was at all !!!We cycled & get lost a hundred times(in a little timespan because we had to arrive at the bus at 10 o'clock,)now  our minds were cooking but we kept on paddling. We cycled in the most heavy rainfall i ever was in.We cycled & asked the road but nobody knows the way or even what we ment.At this moment i received an insight: our webmaster and dear friend Johan Paap gave us a little book called point it: all things you can imagine are in there with photo's so you can show it to the people universal language. I searched for an photograph of a bus and luckilly found 1. Now more and more people are understanding where we wanted to go. We stopped a dozen of cars but with this rain nobody  really reacted over enthousiastic to open their window because then they would be totally wet.
At a certain moment we stopped a big pick up truck; wich stopped and i tried to get the bikes inside. the driver was flabbercasted but when he understood what i tried he was open for my idea . His t shirt was wet in 10 seconds but he helped me fantastic ,then Amira told me no time come on cycle,
i get everything out the pick up and we cycled as fast as we could.we left the guy alone and he was totally wet ,he really didn't now what a crazy people he met but after 7 minutes we get confused the bus was soon leaving and still we didn't no where to go(it's rainforest there was nobody and no idea  where a bus could stop.Then the pick up showed up and waited for us he was so nice to show the way, a guy from a mechanic shop also jumped on his bike to help us to find the way.Finally we arrived in a little street .There was a shop with an oil drum which was the busstop, we bought the tickets met our family and jumped in the bus.Wet wet !!!!

After a fast and nice drive with the bus we arrived at the busstation in Bangkok. In the bus we checked the map and reseved a hotel(really happy that we have a thai sim card)we planed to cycle a little piece to the river and take a boat to the hotel,it was such a little distance that we thought we could make it.NOT!!!!

It was the most bizar event ever .Cycling for  hours and hours in the heat and crazy traffic was for me a personal breakdown but i could make it.Heavy cycling it was. We were cycling in the real suburbs where nobody spoke english and we got lost and lost but Amira got the map under control and we get closer and closer to the city. Finally we saw some points we(Amira first)remembered from the cycling tour with Co.
We took the boat to cross the river and we decided to go all the way cycling to the hotel. We cycled to the hotel and arrived totally wet but thankfull we found it.
We have a great room  & there is fantastic food ,took a swim and Salome is sleeping now,Amira is reading a book and while i am writing this i am so proud,happy and amazed that we can do this.We make  good decissions and are happy in this adventure.
I love you

Cycling 70 km in Heavy Rain & Storm!!!!!!!!!

The night before yesterday we went out cycling ,eat some food on the street(it's fantastic vegetarian and delicious)after that we went to bed.Early wake up.For breakfast  we eat fresh pineapple and loaded the bikes, ready for adventure and didn't knew it had to become a REAL adventure, with everything you can think about when you see James Bond.We had to drive to the pier on the boulevard to set the km counter on zero kilometers for the route.This we repeated 3 times before it was ok and we found the first take of to the right(you have to know that reading cards and routes is not our speciality ,normally we get lost in the first 5 minutes if i look at a map my mind gets crazy and my feeling for direction is zero,Amira however was AMAZING these 2 days REALLY CHAPEAU).We cycled through the little city heading to roads with an great vieuw and relaxing roads for around 10 km.You see amazing things wich you soon get used to, a lot of palm trees, whole families on motorcycles :the man with a helmet and the string which normally is around your chin here the people put the string on their nose and let the wife hold the helmet,strange funny but here it's totally normal.Then we headed for 30 km doing the highway with speedy cars ,smoking trucks & scooters coming from behind & in front ,almost everywhere there is  traffic  but the people are relaxed and nice,smiling and pulling their horns and love to wave to us or the motordrivers touch while riding Salome's feet.We took a great brake and in the brake it was raining ,we looked at each other and were happy a little freshness in a tropical country it would last for 5 minutes and then the sun will come back we joked,10 min,20 30 40 50 minutes later it was still raining ;we looked to each other and sayed no problem it's fresh and cool,so we started again finishing the 30 kilometers on the highway in Heavy rain.It didn't stop and all the time the rain was getting more and the wind went harder ,the rain you sometimes meet when you stand 1 sec. in it and your are wet, this type of rain we received for hours and hours , after the highway we went  of the road into the RAINFOREST with explicitit intensity on the word RAIN.Those km's Salome felt a sleep and she slept for 1,5 hour in full non stop rain on a cushion on the handlebars.The view we had was the most beautiffull i ever saw in real life ,i felt like i was a film hero in a movie with a theme like:  i was the monkeywhistler who lives in the bush in full contact with nature.So Beautifull to feel and smell the nature.
We already cycled quit fast around 21 km an hour but Amira cycled faster and faster at an certain moment so fast i couldn't hold it ,puffing sweating and paddling and paddling and padling in strong wind and crazy rain,it was the most intens cycling adventure in my small career as an world cyclist till now.The the road was  full with 40 cm's of water. I felt like a speedboat cycling in deep water with the water splashing around my feet.In this tour i saw the great cyclingtalents of my wife. Amira is a great hill climber and an hardcore machine ,she never stops before we arrived in paradise,ahum not really it was a little wooden hut for a lot of money but this was all there was.It didn't stop with raining and this was  not so nice.Salome woke up when we arrived and was totally happy.Around our little hut, she swept the rain with an big wooden brush the rest of the evening the veranda naked in the non stop rain.Here we met to nice couples 1 from germany and 1 couple with 3 kids which were just back from an impressive adventure in Australia,respect for a couple who fight for their dreams.
It was a nice connection and Salome liked the kids.Also the german couple was very friendly and helpfull.It didn't stop and i checked the internet wich took me hours it was sooooooooo slow and it only opened pages he/she liked so before i did get any info it took me a lot of meditation and breathing.The info i saw was not so good,even bad, The weather here is totally crazy.It will be raining this month 710-850 mm normally it's 10-20 mm so after a lot of research on internet &sms ing Friedel ( agreat cycling expert and friend) who immediatelly reacted wit  info the news was bad.Rain Rain RAIN RAIN RAIN RAIN a lot of wind and 5 meter fluds etc. etc.

The worst scenario for an relaxing beach and cycling time with a kid.At this moment there developped a family of 6 adults and 4 kids with the same problem(we,the germans and the belgiums).What to do?
All creative plans and ideas went on and on.The main plan get back to Bangkok was the strongest for all of us.We went to bed, but arrived in our wooden robin son crusoe hut the bed was totally wet,i went to the reception and received a new hut.We slept, Amira was not so happy at this moment but called me the rock in the sea.Thanx hunny

maandag 6 december 2010

Visit to the monky mountain & Tomorrow we gonna cycle a big distance

Today we had an relaxing day went to the beach swim a lot and after our nap we Amira and i received a great thai massage from a little women who was really good.After that we went to a big moutain called the monkey mountain where a hundred of monkeys walked around us.it was quit heavy so much monkeys around you walking playing and following us.WHen we arrived downstaira our water was stolen of the bikes and we saw them proud looking at us with the bottles in their hands,we let go, to dangerous, when i take a photo of 1 big  1 he was ready for attack so i decided to stop and get back,they were around our bikes but we waited to unlock the cycles tille they left.After that we had a great diner on the street vegetables with rice njammie!!!
Now We are landed everybody has rebuild their stomach and jetlag and now we decided to cycle tomorrow at 6.00 to the next stop.

We are so happy we have two beautiful cycles that can handle the panniers and our weight easily.

Respect to Johan Paap

We are so thanfull for all the effort Johan makes,he is our websites and makes it possible to have contact with you.If you like a website mail Johan and he can create everything you like.Like a real artist creative freedom is everything, like our sites our draw or write the things i like to have in it and he creates the look and atmosphere.

Thank you Johan

Best Hotel in Prachuapkhirikhan www.sunbeach-guesthouse.com

At this moment we arrived in the paradise of Thailands best hotel sunbeach guesthouse a beautifull vila with swimmingpool on the beach it's great for cyclists because you can park your cycle behind the room.In winter it's very busy (they only have 10 luxury rooms)so you have to reserve the room in winter but there is enough space in summer.
you can call  032604770

have a nice stay

zondag 5 december 2010

Cycled through the city

This morning we woke up at 8.00 and Salome couldn't wait to get in the pool.At 9.00 she could go.The whole morning i was busy with shopping,the laundry etc. now relaxing at the pool after that we go cycling to a nice beach around here.

Love you

After a long train trip and cycling in the dark we Arrived at the Beach

Yesterday we took a van to the  train station in Bangkok,the driver didn't new the route so we made a big d tour circled around the station four 40 minutes i had to pee but the driver didn't want to stop so i run out the van into a cafe and then back searching in a 5 lane traffice jam the van where i was in i could choose about around 100 vans they all look the same but i found my family and bikes; and finally we arrived.At the cargo office of the train station the officer was quit strange he didn't new our station name and helped other people while i was standing in front of him,krachup kahn khan krachup puh krachan and finally he did wrote something and we went to train lane no.9 to bring the bikes to the cargo train, then we had to find our trainwagon no.12 a long walk back.
When we sat down i felt like Sherlock Holmes sitting in an old compartment with wood, it was to nice.I was told by other world cyclists the train and getting off and getting your bikes is a nightmare so i was a littlebit stressed , we made a plan Amira would get out with Salome and i walked to our bikes to have enough time to get them..After 6 hours i decided to walk to the cargo train it was like a italian ganstermovie it looked like i was a big gangster when i walked through all the compartments all the people who saw me shrimped they where afraid i would shoot them,but the real thing i was packed like a camel with a dozen of bags helmets,tools etc walking through a small train kissing with my head the roof a several times and hit person after a person with my bags, soft but smoothly, after 30 minute walk and sweating like a saunacustomer i arrived at the cargo train.We delayed 1 hour so i was standing there with all the bags around on and under my body.When we've arrived i got off received the cycles smoothly and packed them cycled with to bikes and gear to meet AMira and Salome and we cycled in the dark to the beach at the end left and we where on a big dark street with a unloccable hotel we asked somebody who pointed us the way but we couldn't find, the guy followed us on a bike he piked up and showed us the way.After 10 minutes we arrived at sunbeach hotel on the beach with a beautiffull pool.

zaterdag 4 december 2010

Thai Massage and van arranged to bring us to the trainstation

Yesterdaynight before my nap i received a thai massage from a small guy with the power of 10 mack trucks,it was really good and for 100 baht it was not expensive at all.We just wake up and AMira and Salome are to  the supermarket buying some juice,water and food for our train trip.In the meanwhile i arranged a van to bring us to the trainstation.Now we gonna swim and in 40 minutes we leave by van to the station.Then we take the train and go south.I like the people and atmosphere of Bangkok but we are ready for sun,relaxation and cycling.
C u later

vrijdag 3 december 2010

2 Dec. Amazing Bangkok

Today it was really fun to cycle around.Salome enjoyed to be around and really aclimates great.After a warm and intensive day it's now 22.00 we go to sleep and see what will bring tomorrow.
It will be a challenge again to get our bikes from here to the train station hope we have magic vibes tomorrow to get the bikes on the train.Sleep well

1 dec. The Flight: Xtra fuel to go faster!!!!

The pilot told us that he asked for xtra fuel so he could fly faster finally we arrived at 17.00 at BKK.It was the best flight ever,high quality service & a very polite Pilot who came live to us every 30 minutes to inform us with the development of the problem and the solvation.He told us a 20 times he was so sory for the delay if you can face the problem and can say sory thean i can forget everything.The bikes arrived quit late,al the passengers were gone but they were ok 1 brake cable out and a foot for the stand of Amira's cycle missed the tent and umbrella where hit but still ok.In 30 minutes we build our bikes and put them back in original.When we wanted to leave the secured area we couldn't believe our eyes everybody has to put his gear in a scan i thought oh my, not brake down all the gear it's just on, we wlked slowly happy and smily to the officer and when she saw us she said: go,ppffffffffffff we didn't had to do the scan thing,happy we wlked nearly out the area when an old officer called us back oh no!!!!!!!Then he looked at Amira's bikes and saw it was a Santos  he smiled and he said a Santos bike of you go!!!! Then he hold me looked again and he said ah Santos to!! enjoy your stay!!PPFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!We arrived!!!
The next plan was to go by skytrain and train to our hotel but when we arrived there they wouldn't let us in.Forbidden no exception!!!This is the only way to get there but they wouldn't brake there rules for a family wich was shaken and stirred!!!!!What to do.We already checked the taxi's but to small.We decided to go back and there he was a shiny station van we asked the driver and with getting all the parts of wich we just fitted on the bikes and disembarked the gear we put 1 bike inside and 1 onthe roof with a little rope.Lucky us.Our hotel was a 40 minute drive without a problem we arrived were the crew helped us very fast so the car moved on we waved and said goodbye!!!It's a nice sweet hotel with a Pool.We put our gear in our room locked the bikes took a shower and Salome was invited to eat some things from a private party people held by the pool.After that we went downtown to eat .smell & enjoy our new adventure country.Thailand we love u already!!!

2 dec. We Cycled through Bangkok

Wow the first cycling day hot hot hot!!!!!!!!! But so nice i feel at home here after 14 hours of sleep Amira came in the room with perfekt capochino and fruit we ate and run to the swimming pool enjoyed the cold wateer and went to the skytrain  after 20 minutes we went to the metro to central station there we bought our traintickets for tomoorow,then we leave to the south where the cycling tour will start.Then we took a Taxi to the Princess hotel where Co van Kessel the founder of our bike tour meets us and we had a lovely tour throught Bangkok for 5 hours Salome enjoyed it so much it was busy but the people here are so friendly.
Then we took a taxi back which took us 2 hours in 1 big traffic jam.When we arrived i bought food and now i gonna SWIM HOT HOT HOT IT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 dec. What happened after the flashing lights with our plane!!!???

1 dec. The Logistics

7.00 clock we woke up,it was a freezing day i was freezed tom my bones.We packed everything in our mini car,checked everything before we loaded it and as Salome was in her dreamtime we did the finishing touch without talking but doing both what we had to do.10 o'clock we brought some stuff to Gisela drunk a cup of tea and Salome and Amira did a little nap.14.00 i fixed the car tyres,went to the bikeshop to release some mechanics i can's do and put the last bags in the car.Colld so cold it was bbbrrrrrrrrrr!-7 but with the wind it felt -15!!
14.00 I put the bikes on our car & we went to Otto and Christine to bring our dog Mickey the boxer 17 years old..16.00 Christine(my mother) made a wonderfull diner and we ate like hungry wolves freezed from the cold weather.17.00 Otto brought us to the airport we arrived at 18.00 with the heavy load and with i didn't get the car faster then 80-90 km.When we arrived i put the bikes from the stand loaded them in 10 minutes with our gear thanked Otto a we ran inside.18.10 we walked to check in no.16 and there she was, my nightmare a student/trainee with an old hungry old coach supervisor/coach,the first words i heard her say when she saw us walking with bikes packing material a lot of bags was OH NO!!!!!!  I thought oh no this gonnan be a hard one to get everything in the plANE!!!!!!! oUR BOTH OH NO'S CHANGED IN OH YES AND IT WORKED REALLY GOOD!!!!We dissambled  the bikes and gear and the bikes weight were ok 17 and 22 kilo our panniers weight 17 so we didn't get over the 23 kilo's!

1 dec. Plane umcircled by 12 emergency vehicles with flashing lights!!!!!!!!!!!

The Flight: Seated in luxury comfort seats we felt like a queen and a king ready for paradise.Jipi yeah here we go but NO!!!!!! We are surounded by a sea of blue flashing lights,by a closer look 2 ambulance vans 10 fire control custom big heavy trucks with a dozen of fireman walking around the plane and 6 other impressive vans with titles as chief emergency etc.
We had to get out quick.When we where out and looked there where 2000 litres of kerosine leaking outside the left wing very fast!!!!!!!!
Just 4 hours on the road and the first adventure was there.The flight delayed anw we are placed in another plane on our way to BKK.We are very happy that this didn't happen in the air other wise it could have been 3 tickets to heaven which is also nice but not for now.
It is still my best flyer ever,good food,nice seats great crew and a happy inspiration around my soul.

woensdag 17 november 2010

14 days before take off family on wheels

It's getting real day by day.Our dream cycling in the sun is getting reality.Salome is still cruisin on her bike!!!!!

Stunt baby cyclist on wooden cross bike with flames

We bought Salome a cool Cruiser,it fits great and goes fast off the hills,Salome loves her machine.

Just back from the Santos factory :Rohloff speedhub belt tips and tricks!!

Getting nervous 14 days before take off,now  we know all the tips and tricks to keep  our machines healthy, in the Santos factory they showed the way it works.We needed this because we do no nothing about bikes and know we do.


zaterdag 9 oktober 2010

builder brothers club francais du velo custom meet family on wheels

Today we had a meeting with The Builder brothers from Paris real hardcore custom bike makers, the ornage cycle next to me just won a price of best custom bike in Amsterdam.
I didn't knew there where cycle Hells Angels!!!! Whooha great fun

zondag 19 september 2010

Stoelmassage praktijk "MAGIC HANDS"

Stoelmassagepraktijk "MAGIC HANDS", in scheveningen. Aan huis, bedrijfsmassage of op festivals!
Op woensdag- en vrijdagochtend massages in scheveningen op afspraak tussen 9.00 en 11.30.  In de zomermaanden ook op Strandtent de Fuut strandslag 10 Zuiderstrand www.defuut.nl

Laagdrempelig: voordeel van deze zeer ontspannende vorm van massage is dat u uw kleren aanhoud en toch totaal ontspant , 10 minuten is al genoeg om even helemaal weg te zijn, heeft u de tijd dan is 60 minuten natuurlijk nog fijner om weg te dromen, te genieten en te ontspannen.

De stoelmassage: voor uzelf, uw bedrijf of festival. Wat is er heerlijker dan even te ontspannen en te genieten? De kracht van stoelmassage is even los te komen van de dagelijkse leefwereld en te genieten van het voelen,  leeg te stromen van stress en zorgen, in het hier en nu te zijn.

Stoelmassage techniek: een samenstelling van Oosterse en Westerse massagetechnieken. De kracht van verbinden, voelen en technisch onderlegd te werk gaan zorgen voor een totale behandeling die op maat ter plekke vorm krijgt met betrekking tot de wensen van het lichaam: waar zit het vast, waar is extra aandacht nodig? In een sessie worden uw rug, nek, hoofd, armen en handen gemasseerd en drukpunten behandeld.

De kosten zijn 7,50 per 10 minuten, bij langere massages speciaal tarief.

De masseur: David Samson, opgeleid door Edwin Ransijn van "Massage in Beweging". Hiernaast ben ik musicus, speelde op jazzfestivals als The Hague Jazz, en speel als acteur en musicus bij Theater Draad www.theaterdraad.nl.

Zin in een momentje voor uzelf, medewerker, klant of festivalganger: bel 06-48836058
Boek nu en geniet van een massage van Magic Hands 06-48836058

dinsdag 10 augustus 2010

South France Cycling

We did the route du col to Spain wich was quit heavy with a child(but also without it's a monster trip)
after that we went up north and drove down the coast line.We had fun with the sea next to us with every break.

Cycling France Bordeaux,Perpigna to Spanish border and the Ardeche

Just back from our training for Thailand this winter we cycled around Bordeaux,Perpignan to Spanish border and back near Narbonne , then went to the Ardeche.
David's personal record downhill 59.7 km/phr

It was an great experience to be outside all the day and to test all the materials we have with us for our adventure this winter in Thailand

donderdag 8 juli 2010

Training in France

Just arrived on camping chez gendron near Bordeaux and cycled ,already cruised on the horses and had fun with steering the speedboat, we are training for our BIG adventure, but this one is real cool too.

Gonna cycle around south france and today i found out that our bikes really are great for these mountains and rough terrains.

We are ready for fun!!!!!

zondag 25 april 2010

Mister Rain & the Sunny Summers on The Hague Jazz Festival

Mister Rain & the Sunny Summers play on The Hague Jazz:Funky & Swinging instant composing music with Percussion,Sousaphone,Sax,Bass,Guitar,Bandoneon & Trombone.
Here i met a Harley Davidson with Belt drive so i thought a fun picture!!!!!

donderdag 22 april 2010

Brand new Nordic cab Trailer,Salome loves it!!!

Our Nordic cab trailer arrived and Salome loves it already,she sleeps,plays and sings in it.
What a great trailer we love the Nordiccab Crew!!!!

Trainig & Realxing for our adventure!!!!

Nice weather is coming, plants are growing and we get really happy from the sunlight.

zaterdag 6 februari 2010

Salome loves the Bedeuins Egypt 2010

And so do we , it was a great adventure with snorkling, camels, desert, mountains, beduins and  peace and harmony.Here you see a sample of our adventure Egypt 2010.ENJOY!!!

David & Salome Cooking with the beduin cook

Beduin Fire

Nice evening with our beduin friends

Wobbely, bobbely bridge in London

Desert Vibes

Camels, sand and mountains

Mister Rain & the Sunny Summers

Water dreams

Hobby number 1 of Salome

Salome loves Water



Lunch time



Big Frog!!!!

Climbing the mountains

Mountain Adventures!!!!!!

Getting fit

Training , workout sweating

beach Time

Amira red sea snorkling , what a beautifull underwaterworld

Can't get enough of the beautifull fishes