maandag 21 december 2009


To funny Holland  traffic is down no bus tram or car traffic, i want to do some shopping at our local supermarket but to much snowballs where thrown inside so they closed, i had to bike to another supermarket, i decided to go on the Travel bike and that was the best choice ,didn't saw any cyclists at all and the people who saw me where amazed that it was possible to bike at all.2 much fun!!!


We love the snow, 3 days every morning at 6.30 Salome,Mickey Amira and i go out for snow adventure.

donderdag 10 december 2009

WWW.NORDICCAB.COM The Sponsor for Salome's Trailer,Wow

Really Happy all the way from Norway comes the sponsor for Salome's Trailer, a real lounge trailer to play enjoy and relax in. We are so happy jipi.check  out to see all the possibilities, you can run and even ski with it.So Cool!!!!

zaterdag 21 november 2009

The Purple Machine

Custom Purple Paint.I love it

Cruisin with the Wereldfietser gang

Today i went Cruisin with the Wereldfietser cycle freaks from Holland. (but it where all different roots from The Canadian Travellers till the English Biker)
Nice Dudes & funny trip.


dinsdag 17 november 2009

Custom Paint Wow what a Funky Colour

Today we build the Custom Bikes Powered by Santos & Rohloff .After a day hard work Robbert helped me to put the bikes on our mini eco limo. Purple & Pink Metallic Yeah Real Funky Stuff.
Thanx Santos Crew you are great.

vrijdag 25 september 2009

Test Drive Santos Travelmaster

Hi There, Today we had a fun time with Santos owner Robbert and his Crew, we drove the Santos Travel Master and we love it.
For such a long trip it's better to drive 2 bikes we think that's the reason we decide to take the Travel Master on our Trip,

Robbert and Santos Crew thanx for the nice day.

Peace Amira,David & Salome

maandag 24 augustus 2009

Do you like to sponsor us?

Dear Visitor, Family or good Friend.
Very nice that you drop by,

We are a Midwife, Abstract Painter/Musician and a baby who are Going Green Around The World, If you like our idea & get inspired to sponsor us please send an email.

We put your name on our Website, our Blog & on our Bike.
We make Music & Art on the road, with children & with disabled human beings; so there are posibilities we will hit the Newspaper & get on Television

Enjoy life

David, Amira & Salome

Travellers on tha road

Here some pictures about what we love,
Travelling & enjoy the world


Our Dream

Dear Friend,

Here a little visual explanation how our dream saw the light.
We Travelled a lot around the world & in a lot of different ways.
We used Campers, a Scooter, 4x4 pick up, bike & we walked a lot.
Our dream now is to do it by bike because it's good for our health & for the world.

10 Day Traning Germany & 14 days in France

Dear friends our Training is started, first we went to France near Bordeaux where we did some Mountain Biking, Horse riding, Swimming, Kneeboarding and walking, it was a great time. We love France. The second training on the bike was in Germany in Krefeld,
Here we biked 10 days and we loved it.
Krefeld is a great place with a lot of nature to train and enjoy the nature.

We have a positive feeling that you want to sponsor our adventure.

See you soon.


David Amira & Salome

vrijdag 31 juli 2009


De eerste poging van 2 computernerds om een berichtje op ons eigen Blog te plaatsen. Als dat lukt gaat het zeker lukken om door Thailand te fietsen haha.

Hallo David, Amira en Salome,
Dit is de eerste vermelding in jullie blog.
Groeten, Johan