zaterdag 6 februari 2010

Salome loves the Bedeuins Egypt 2010

And so do we , it was a great adventure with snorkling, camels, desert, mountains, beduins and  peace and harmony.Here you see a sample of our adventure Egypt 2010.ENJOY!!!

David & Salome Cooking with the beduin cook

Beduin Fire

Nice evening with our beduin friends

Wobbely, bobbely bridge in London

Desert Vibes

Camels, sand and mountains

Mister Rain & the Sunny Summers

Water dreams

Hobby number 1 of Salome

Salome loves Water



Lunch time



Big Frog!!!!

Climbing the mountains

Mountain Adventures!!!!!!

Getting fit

Training , workout sweating

beach Time

Amira red sea snorkling , what a beautifull underwaterworld

Can't get enough of the beautifull fishes