donderdag 16 december 2010

Hit by an baby elephant,build an raft,x-mas party & strange weather forecast!!!!!!!!!!

Salome's favorite tour in the morning is to cycle to her favorite elephants :first we feed the Elephant group with her favorite elephant called Namphet who is pregnant.After that we go to an other group were also is a little baby, if you get close and touch his back he's dancing turns around climbs on the fence and hit you hard with his long wet slubbering nose, he did it 2 times and he really enjoys it: like a cartoon he turns his head to the right and then very fast to the left i felt like goofy or donald duck surprised and in shock,i looked at him and he was dancing and  happy looking at me me with twinkling eyes.I really didn't knew baby elephants are that strong and it makes it very clear for these are very wild and strong animals and you have to behave to them with deep respect.

The weather forecast info here and from the netherlands are  not in harmony.

Here they say rain till second week of januari and heavy fluds maybe an tsunami on 30 december,already landtongs are eaten up by the sea.

In Holland they tell us there is some rain and that's it.

We don't know what to do right now: we like to go back to the south but we were in the middle in the rain and all the tourists we speak left there totally wet and the forecast is not good at all.

What to do??????????

Any ideas more then welcome.

Yesterday i started building a raft from wood and bamboo.Today i customized it and it sails great.All the kids love it and in this hot weather it's fun to play with.

We met some new friends and today Salome was invited to the x-mas party they was great fun.



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