vrijdag 10 december 2010

Bangkok cycling next level for our adventure!!!!

We landed here in Bangkok.We get used to the traffic and total chaos and find peace and harmony in ourselves. Now we know how to behave in traffic and people the are nice.We just had breakfast and  our big family split up.our belgium friends left to koh kut and the germans to cambodja.We stay another day and leave tomorrow to cycle around koh mak it's a peacefull island near koh chang.Yesterday we booked the hotel on the island,checked the bus etc.we were at the swimming pool  & walked around a nice market .I bought a shirt and eat in our favorite restaurant ; they have fresh salad of great quality.We lunched at an nice  israeli restaurant.Now we gonna relax at the pool.Only we have to book a pick up truck to get to the busstation.

Hope to see you around

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  1. Wat gaaf dat jullie dit toch allemaal maar doen en beleven! Veel plezier en ik volg jullie avonturen, Puck mist Salome op school hoor :-)