woensdag 15 december 2010

Cycling Koh Chang

The decision to left the south was a very good one.Till today it's raining all the day in the south till the end of December.This feels good,sometimes we are to impulsive but our reaction now was very good.After 3 days in hectic Bangkok it's very nice to found a place were we can land from the adventure we already had in only 1 week.People we meet and tell the stories they think we are for months in Thailand but it's only 14 days that we are here.Yesterday we took a new hut, a small 1 it was cheaper and nicer than the big one we had.We see,hear and smell the sea,and we love it here.
Everymorning i go cycling around 6.30-7.00 o'clock and feet the elephants around here.Next to our hut is a little baby elephant.So sweet.
We decided to stay for 10 days on the island to land and have a Holiday feeling,we enjoy the sun,sea and veggie food.
Happy greetings from Koh Chang

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