woensdag 8 december 2010

Cycling 70 km in Heavy Rain & Storm!!!!!!!!!

The night before yesterday we went out cycling ,eat some food on the street(it's fantastic vegetarian and delicious)after that we went to bed.Early wake up.For breakfast  we eat fresh pineapple and loaded the bikes, ready for adventure and didn't knew it had to become a REAL adventure, with everything you can think about when you see James Bond.We had to drive to the pier on the boulevard to set the km counter on zero kilometers for the route.This we repeated 3 times before it was ok and we found the first take of to the right(you have to know that reading cards and routes is not our speciality ,normally we get lost in the first 5 minutes if i look at a map my mind gets crazy and my feeling for direction is zero,Amira however was AMAZING these 2 days REALLY CHAPEAU).We cycled through the little city heading to roads with an great vieuw and relaxing roads for around 10 km.You see amazing things wich you soon get used to, a lot of palm trees, whole families on motorcycles :the man with a helmet and the string which normally is around your chin here the people put the string on their nose and let the wife hold the helmet,strange funny but here it's totally normal.Then we headed for 30 km doing the highway with speedy cars ,smoking trucks & scooters coming from behind & in front ,almost everywhere there is  traffic  but the people are relaxed and nice,smiling and pulling their horns and love to wave to us or the motordrivers touch while riding Salome's feet.We took a great brake and in the brake it was raining ,we looked at each other and were happy a little freshness in a tropical country it would last for 5 minutes and then the sun will come back we joked,10 min,20 30 40 50 minutes later it was still raining ;we looked to each other and sayed no problem it's fresh and cool,so we started again finishing the 30 kilometers on the highway in Heavy rain.It didn't stop and all the time the rain was getting more and the wind went harder ,the rain you sometimes meet when you stand 1 sec. in it and your are wet, this type of rain we received for hours and hours , after the highway we went  of the road into the RAINFOREST with explicitit intensity on the word RAIN.Those km's Salome felt a sleep and she slept for 1,5 hour in full non stop rain on a cushion on the handlebars.The view we had was the most beautiffull i ever saw in real life ,i felt like i was a film hero in a movie with a theme like:  i was the monkeywhistler who lives in the bush in full contact with nature.So Beautifull to feel and smell the nature.
We already cycled quit fast around 21 km an hour but Amira cycled faster and faster at an certain moment so fast i couldn't hold it ,puffing sweating and paddling and paddling and padling in strong wind and crazy rain,it was the most intens cycling adventure in my small career as an world cyclist till now.The the road was  full with 40 cm's of water. I felt like a speedboat cycling in deep water with the water splashing around my feet.In this tour i saw the great cyclingtalents of my wife. Amira is a great hill climber and an hardcore machine ,she never stops before we arrived in paradise,ahum not really it was a little wooden hut for a lot of money but this was all there was.It didn't stop with raining and this was  not so nice.Salome woke up when we arrived and was totally happy.Around our little hut, she swept the rain with an big wooden brush the rest of the evening the veranda naked in the non stop rain.Here we met to nice couples 1 from germany and 1 couple with 3 kids which were just back from an impressive adventure in Australia,respect for a couple who fight for their dreams.
It was a nice connection and Salome liked the kids.Also the german couple was very friendly and helpfull.It didn't stop and i checked the internet wich took me hours it was sooooooooo slow and it only opened pages he/she liked so before i did get any info it took me a lot of meditation and breathing.The info i saw was not so good,even bad, The weather here is totally crazy.It will be raining this month 710-850 mm normally it's 10-20 mm so after a lot of research on internet &sms ing Friedel ( agreat cycling expert and friend) who immediatelly reacted wit  info the news was bad.Rain Rain RAIN RAIN RAIN RAIN a lot of wind and 5 meter fluds etc. etc.

The worst scenario for an relaxing beach and cycling time with a kid.At this moment there developped a family of 6 adults and 4 kids with the same problem(we,the germans and the belgiums).What to do?
All creative plans and ideas went on and on.The main plan get back to Bangkok was the strongest for all of us.We went to bed, but arrived in our wooden robin son crusoe hut the bed was totally wet,i went to the reception and received a new hut.We slept, Amira was not so happy at this moment but called me the rock in the sea.Thanx hunny

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