zondag 19 december 2010

Travelling from north to south

Yesterday on the beach we decided last minute to leave for new adventure.1 problem: i paid our beach hut for 10 days and we only stayed for 5.But the owner was very sympathic and we received our money back.Then the teamwork went quick and smooth.We booked the boat and bus to Bangkok,1 night hotel in Bangkok,1 flight to Phuket, a van to pick us up tomorrow to bring us to the airport,printed the tickets etc.I cycled around to fix tape plastic etc. to wrap the bikes and on 1 of my cycle moments to arrange all the things wich were my responsibility(at least 15 things to do and cyling around to get it fixed)  It was getting dark & 5 meter in front of me a scooter was hit by a pick and fast running pick up truck, the scooter driver was ok but it took him an 8 meter slide before he stopped.After all this action we said goodbye to Salome's new friends, Anne Liv,Luca and Isa we went to bed.Salome woke up at 5.45 and was very happy,we took the boat & bus and cycled to our hotel in Bangkok.Tomorrow we fly to Phuket

Radha Soami Ji

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