vrijdag 3 december 2010

1 dec. Plane umcircled by 12 emergency vehicles with flashing lights!!!!!!!!!!!

The Flight: Seated in luxury comfort seats we felt like a queen and a king ready for paradise.Jipi yeah here we go but NO!!!!!! We are surounded by a sea of blue flashing lights,by a closer look 2 ambulance vans 10 fire control custom big heavy trucks with a dozen of fireman walking around the plane and 6 other impressive vans with titles as chief emergency etc.
We had to get out quick.When we where out and looked there where 2000 litres of kerosine leaking outside the left wing very fast!!!!!!!!
Just 4 hours on the road and the first adventure was there.The flight delayed anw we are placed in another plane on our way to BKK.We are very happy that this didn't happen in the air other wise it could have been 3 tickets to heaven which is also nice but not for now.
It is still my best flyer ever,good food,nice seats great crew and a happy inspiration around my soul.

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