dinsdag 14 december 2010

Elephant ride!!!!

Today we did an Elephant ride for 1 hour in the jungle and after this we swim 1 hour with the elephants in a nice pool with rocks and fishes who clean your feet, the water was bright and for me it was an experience of a lifetime ,it was fantastic.Salome brushed the elephant and she loved it to be on the neck of the elphant touch and hug the elephant and be in full contact with nature and the animals here.

We left Bangkok by bus it was a 5 hours drive,then took the boat and now we are on the island Koh Chang.It's amazing in the middle of the jungle.We firts slept 2 nights in Blue Lagoon resort . The resort was also a cooking school with very good vegetarian food.After 2 days we moved to  KP huts .The reason it is more peacefull and the hut is on the beach facing the ocean.It's a beautifull place and we sleep and dream in the rhythm of the waves.

We cycled the mountains here but it's to steep. Halfway the mountains we stopped a pick up wich was an police officer who brought us a long way.Everyday we cycle the island step by step

Love from Thailand

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Hallo Family on wheels
    Ik heb het eiland en het hotel opgezocht op internet en het ziet er daar erg mooi uit.
    Groeten, Johan

  2. Wat een belevenis!
    zo dicht met olifanten!