woensdag 8 december 2010

Cycling 40 km's Bangkok city,it was quite an heavy experience!!!!!!!

This mornig rain rain rain.At breakfast the conversation with OUR new family was about what to do?We checked the internet and decided to leave. To much rain for us,with no stop at all. It will take weeks could be months till this is over.Cambodjia,vietnam ,laos what's next?We don't no yet but 1 thing we knew we had to leave here fast. It was 9.15 and we the reception clerk told us there was a bus to Bangkok at 10 o'clock ,it was in the most remote place you could imagine.We,the new family decided to leave now, we packed as fast as we could, payed our room and jumped on our cycles. Our cycles  made the most freaky water sounds i ever heard and didn't expect this out of these bikes. The family took the tuk tuk. We would meet at the bus stop.Then we were on the road, but after 5 min. we get the insight we didn't now where the busstop was,did not now where the litlle village was at all !!!We cycled & get lost a hundred times(in a little timespan because we had to arrive at the bus at 10 o'clock,)now  our minds were cooking but we kept on paddling. We cycled in the most heavy rainfall i ever was in.We cycled & asked the road but nobody knows the way or even what we ment.At this moment i received an insight: our webmaster and dear friend Johan Paap gave us a little book called point it: all things you can imagine are in there with photo's so you can show it to the people universal language. I searched for an photograph of a bus and luckilly found 1. Now more and more people are understanding where we wanted to go. We stopped a dozen of cars but with this rain nobody  really reacted over enthousiastic to open their window because then they would be totally wet.
At a certain moment we stopped a big pick up truck; wich stopped and i tried to get the bikes inside. the driver was flabbercasted but when he understood what i tried he was open for my idea . His t shirt was wet in 10 seconds but he helped me fantastic ,then Amira told me no time come on cycle,
i get everything out the pick up and we cycled as fast as we could.we left the guy alone and he was totally wet ,he really didn't now what a crazy people he met but after 7 minutes we get confused the bus was soon leaving and still we didn't no where to go(it's rainforest there was nobody and no idea  where a bus could stop.Then the pick up showed up and waited for us he was so nice to show the way, a guy from a mechanic shop also jumped on his bike to help us to find the way.Finally we arrived in a little street .There was a shop with an oil drum which was the busstop, we bought the tickets met our family and jumped in the bus.Wet wet !!!!

After a fast and nice drive with the bus we arrived at the busstation in Bangkok. In the bus we checked the map and reseved a hotel(really happy that we have a thai sim card)we planed to cycle a little piece to the river and take a boat to the hotel,it was such a little distance that we thought we could make it.NOT!!!!

It was the most bizar event ever .Cycling for  hours and hours in the heat and crazy traffic was for me a personal breakdown but i could make it.Heavy cycling it was. We were cycling in the real suburbs where nobody spoke english and we got lost and lost but Amira got the map under control and we get closer and closer to the city. Finally we saw some points we(Amira first)remembered from the cycling tour with Co.
We took the boat to cross the river and we decided to go all the way cycling to the hotel. We cycled to the hotel and arrived totally wet but thankfull we found it.
We have a great room  & there is fantastic food ,took a swim and Salome is sleeping now,Amira is reading a book and while i am writing this i am so proud,happy and amazed that we can do this.We make  good decissions and are happy in this adventure.
I love you

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  1. haaa Samson and family.
    Leuk om jullie avonturen te lezen.
    Gelukkig heb je met zo'n v-snaar geen last van de regen qua smering.

    veel succes verder.
    Martijn (Magura)