woensdag 22 december 2010

2 Broken bikes & and lost each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ahum, were to start???
Cycle touring is NOT the chilling relaxing fantasy : drinking cold drinks & tanning on the beach  wich people think of when we tell what we are doing.
It's action and hard work.
Ofcourse sometimes we can relax, but pedalling and doing a lot of logistics in the hot sun is asking a lot of your condition and bounds you as an family but is also heavy.

We arrived at Phuket Airport and try to get away but 3 spokes were broken onAmira's bike and the 2 wheels looked like 2 eggs just fresh laid from a big chicken.
My tyres refused to get air in so what to do?

We walked to the resort and we were lucky we had a big bedroom wich we turned into a bike workshop.Took the spare parts and tried to work it out.

My bike was ok after some work but Amira's bike was terrible.
Next morning at 6.30 she left with Salome to Phuket town  she cycled on her shaking egg big and had  a lot of adventure wich i cannot write because i only heard the sories, hopefully she will write i to you.
I can only tell mine.The goal from Amira was to let her bike fixed in the bike shop 45 km's away from our hotel and let me sleep.I was in shock they left and i didn't knew were so i got up cycled and searched and finally received an sms with here goal.Then i went to the pool and did a swim and try to tan but after a few minutes the logistics came into me: do the laundry get your bike tuned etc. I was on my way to the laundry  and the moment i was there Amira called me with a surprise plan.
Let's meet on Kata beach in the south 48 km from the hotel were you are now.It was 10.45 and just paid the hotel room for another night,check out time 11.00.I cycled as an beast to the reception trying to get the money back,sweating and deep breathing a arrived at the reception did my story and they gave back my money.
I packed all the bags on the bike and looked like an camel,because Amira didn't expect we would move she left all the luggage.So the luggage of 2 bikes now on 1 bike.I managed to do it thanx to the great nets we have.My tyre was flat on the ground and shaking like a boogie woogie orchestra.4 hours cycling of cycling in hot sun was quite heavy halfway i didn't had any energy i ate a pack of cookies and off i went.I dronk liters of water and was sweating them out at the same time.I was totally wet.I looked at the map and it looked great close to my goal but now i met some giant mountains wich almost killed me.I taped a picture of baba ji on my handlebars and with my last energy i wlked and cycled the mountains every now and then when my energy was gone i looked at the picture meditated and try to go on.It worked.But it was heavy a mountain with loads of cars and bas gas you inhale with your last breath my troath felt like a diesel truck smoke pipe. Dry and dirty.At a certain moment on top of 1 of the killing mountains tere was a Harley Davidson Hells Angels workshop were i stopped i went to the boss and showed him my belt driven bike, he was laughin gave me his telephone number and told me whenever we had problems he was coming to help me because i drive a belt driven bike like Harley Davidson with the gates belts.

After this nice meeting and with my last energy i cycled the last mountains and found the hotel very easilly.
I cycled to the pool stopped put my clothes of and spashed in the water to hot i was.The people who only relax and drink beers were looking at me :he is hot and crazy to cycle here.But respect all people waved to me and were impressed by my prestation.It was great to see my family again and we are in a fantastic hotel.We went to a restaurant and eat so hot that the waitress was bringing ice and water to Salome her and our mouths are burning like fire.Today i went to a bike shop to tune my tyres and bought a bike computer the other one felt off by downhilling the mountains to fast.

In 1 day we have to leave here it's full, but we love it here.


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