vrijdag 3 december 2010

1 dec. The Flight: Xtra fuel to go faster!!!!

The pilot told us that he asked for xtra fuel so he could fly faster finally we arrived at 17.00 at BKK.It was the best flight ever,high quality service & a very polite Pilot who came live to us every 30 minutes to inform us with the development of the problem and the solvation.He told us a 20 times he was so sory for the delay if you can face the problem and can say sory thean i can forget everything.The bikes arrived quit late,al the passengers were gone but they were ok 1 brake cable out and a foot for the stand of Amira's cycle missed the tent and umbrella where hit but still ok.In 30 minutes we build our bikes and put them back in original.When we wanted to leave the secured area we couldn't believe our eyes everybody has to put his gear in a scan i thought oh my, not brake down all the gear it's just on, we wlked slowly happy and smily to the officer and when she saw us she said: go,ppffffffffffff we didn't had to do the scan thing,happy we wlked nearly out the area when an old officer called us back oh no!!!!!!!Then he looked at Amira's bikes and saw it was a Santos  he smiled and he said a Santos bike of you go!!!! Then he hold me looked again and he said ah Santos to!! enjoy your stay!!PPFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!We arrived!!!
The next plan was to go by skytrain and train to our hotel but when we arrived there they wouldn't let us in.Forbidden no exception!!!This is the only way to get there but they wouldn't brake there rules for a family wich was shaken and stirred!!!!!What to do.We already checked the taxi's but to small.We decided to go back and there he was a shiny station van we asked the driver and with getting all the parts of wich we just fitted on the bikes and disembarked the gear we put 1 bike inside and 1 onthe roof with a little rope.Lucky us.Our hotel was a 40 minute drive without a problem we arrived were the crew helped us very fast so the car moved on we waved and said goodbye!!!It's a nice sweet hotel with a Pool.We put our gear in our room locked the bikes took a shower and Salome was invited to eat some things from a private party people held by the pool.After that we went downtown to eat .smell & enjoy our new adventure country.Thailand we love u already!!!

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