vrijdag 17 december 2010


Today we had a biking day! We made it all the way to Bang Bao, a stilt-village in the south of Koh Chang, thanks to it being overcast and cloudy even here, cool enough to cycle. There were a thousands steep hills to conquer for it but we did it and it was worth it! Then on to a little beach to cool off only to find out it is probably also where the sewer from Bang Bao runs into, yuuggh! So much for idyllic nature! Raced back to the hotel for a warm shower, fortunately the guy who sold us fruit earlier wanted to take us back in his truck, we were wasted from pushing the bike up the thousand hills. Also: I magically found money everywhere yesterday, it came rolling to me in the waves and was lying on the bridge in the moonlight, what a fun way to be treated! Thanks to whoever it came from!! I treated my loved ones to a super breakfast.
And now we are back on our problem on where to go and what to do next, emailing with the friendly folks from Asian Way of Life, the company that sponsored us with a route, for some good advice since all around us is malaria-countries. We still hope to get back on track to the south, 3 months fly by when you are having fun! We learn mostly and once again that paradise (Sant Mat) is in your own soul! Kiss, Amira

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