woensdag 15 december 2010

Amira here

Hello, Amira here for the first time blogging. We are staying on Koh Chang, it is a tropical island on the east coast of thailand and we are here waiting to return to our BIKE-route. We try to make the best of it but it is a strange vacation when everything inside of us was adrenaline-ready to go for action and now all this energy is still there but we have to wait for the wheather to get better in the south. Koh Chang is unbikable, so steep you cannot even push your bike up the hill. So this is our day: wake up call at 6.30 by Salome who invariably starts the day saying: Mommy, I have slept good! Then one of us bikes with her to feed banana's to the elephants (yes....) and we meet each other at our favorite coffee-place. Fortunately Thai people also wake up early so at 6.30 everything is open and everybody going about their business. Yesterday we had what will be one of the best days in all these three months: we visited the elephants in the forest up north of Koh Chang where unsurprisingly Salome made a great impression on our little group being so brave and daring to play with them and swim with them and having fun with it! It was amazing to be around these animals.
The rest of the day is spent swimming and playing in a 30C ocean, and eating thai food in a little restaurant that we discovered: organic and vegetarian!
So far so good, we will survive here until newyears (everything seems to be booked full until newyears) but we still feel a bit antsy to get back on what is our real goal: biking. So i am on to check once more the wheather in the south, Sawadee to yall! Amira

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  1. echt ongelooflijk dit te lezen.
    Wat een raar landje is Nederland.