zondag 26 december 2010

merry christmas from koh Lanta

Hello!! We have had a few days of being in a clownesque movie of being in the wrong places at the wrong time, and us trying to get to the right place, hopping from island to island, one place being even more horrible than the the next, loud devilish music, crazy drunks, whores with old bald fat guys, people after our money trying to rip us off and every place full and expensive because of the holidays. After running around for a few days like that now we have finally found a place in Thailand with the perfect vibe we like: Koh Lanta: quiet, pretty, flat, green, a small hotel a beautifull place with a relaxed energy to it, friendly people. A beachbar made from driftwood is like our dreamhouse of Robinson Crusoe with a fairylike atmosphere at night full of little lanterns like fireflies, there's a bonfire on the beach, good food and the perfect music to fit your mood. It cannot get better for us now. Aaaaahhhh..... This is what we expected much of Thailand to be but it is definately not. We even thought: Thailand is not our place to be, but we have found this place now and we are staying here to relax and fill up on good energies before hitting the road to Malaysia again. The most touristy and therefore horribel places seem to be behind us now. The best decision so far: getting rid of Lonely Planet and going with our own vibe. It works much better for us!
Salome is developing her social skills, learning to make new friends everywhere, her first word of english is: Thank You and she already knows the tricks of hitch-hiking: putting her tiny little thumb up, catching rides from incredibly friendly people when on the road with mom and a broken bike.
we wish you wonderful christmas days and for the new year: to think about your dreams and how you can make a step towards fulfilling them!
Kiss, Amira

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