zondag 5 december 2010

After a long train trip and cycling in the dark we Arrived at the Beach

Yesterday we took a van to the  train station in Bangkok,the driver didn't new the route so we made a big d tour circled around the station four 40 minutes i had to pee but the driver didn't want to stop so i run out the van into a cafe and then back searching in a 5 lane traffice jam the van where i was in i could choose about around 100 vans they all look the same but i found my family and bikes; and finally we arrived.At the cargo office of the train station the officer was quit strange he didn't new our station name and helped other people while i was standing in front of him,krachup kahn khan krachup puh krachan and finally he did wrote something and we went to train lane no.9 to bring the bikes to the cargo train, then we had to find our trainwagon no.12 a long walk back.
When we sat down i felt like Sherlock Holmes sitting in an old compartment with wood, it was to nice.I was told by other world cyclists the train and getting off and getting your bikes is a nightmare so i was a littlebit stressed , we made a plan Amira would get out with Salome and i walked to our bikes to have enough time to get them..After 6 hours i decided to walk to the cargo train it was like a italian ganstermovie it looked like i was a big gangster when i walked through all the compartments all the people who saw me shrimped they where afraid i would shoot them,but the real thing i was packed like a camel with a dozen of bags helmets,tools etc walking through a small train kissing with my head the roof a several times and hit person after a person with my bags, soft but smoothly, after 30 minute walk and sweating like a saunacustomer i arrived at the cargo train.We delayed 1 hour so i was standing there with all the bags around on and under my body.When we've arrived i got off received the cycles smoothly and packed them cycled with to bikes and gear to meet AMira and Salome and we cycled in the dark to the beach at the end left and we where on a big dark street with a unloccable hotel we asked somebody who pointed us the way but we couldn't find, the guy followed us on a bike he piked up and showed us the way.After 10 minutes we arrived at sunbeach hotel on the beach with a beautiffull pool.

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