zaterdag 1 januari 2011

Happy new year from Krabi

Happy new year,love and health for all our beloved ones and of course to you.Thank you for follow us, your support and tips.
3 days ago we left koh lanta and cycled to Pak man Beach we stayed there in a fishermans hut with a lot of little kittens and again a lot of heavy rain.The news was bad weather and no way to leave this strange place a boulevard with poor people try to sell their food but nobody was there because of the rain.Supermarket no food for veggies at all and even the yoghurt tasted like bubble gum.How can we leave this strange place and main question north or south it would be again a long trip in the rain.We did not have a plan did a afternoon nap and went out for our detective program to find food.There she was pink big and shiny: a touring car and in the restaurant in front around 15 tourists eating a fish dish.I walked to a lady and asked her if she speaks english: ein bischen.Next question: where you go? Krabi but then the thai touroperator interupted and told us it was a private group and impossible to join.I tried and when i picked up the plan to ask the group,Hans a german group member stood up and asked the group to vote if we could join them to Krabi...........All the hands flied in the air and the lucky guidetour travel agent called Baba Ji helped us again.Radha Soami.We ran to the fishermans hut put all the stuff in our panniers jumped on our bikes ,when we wanted to leave the hotel owner asked what we are doing: i told here it's raining we have to cycle.We hurried and the time the bikes were loaded in the shiny bus the people entered the bus.Now we felt like members of a german tour around Thailand.Funy it was.Again German friends thank you for your support.We arrived in Krabi beach and first went out for diner, we were hungry after diners with bubble gum yoghurt.After that we find a great hotel were there was place for 1 night.Next morning we arranged another hotel for 4 nights it looked great but after a few hours the smell came out the shower,toilet like rotten bodies wich were hidden there for years.Sick and not our dream we left today.For the first time Amira and were awake at 12 o'clock and saw a beautifull fire work show 15 meters in front of our room.We found after searching and following the good feeling of Amira a great place with swimming pool.It is open 1 week and it's also a horse range.Paradise for Salome,At for the owbner called us and picked Salome up for a ride. Fantastic.
Yesterday we went to another horse farm were they gave me a big horse and i walked for 30 minutes with Salome on the beach proud as an princes on a big horse.Amazing people here.

We love you.

David,Amira and Salome

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