dinsdag 11 januari 2011

Leaving Southern Thailand

Hello everybody! We have decided to leave the beaches and islands of southern Thailand in peace. Our plans to bike south are impossible because of heavy and continuous rainfall all over the deep south and Malaysia, the monsoon is unexpectedly late this year, it should have passed over end of november already. Supposedly it has to do with El Nino. We have been waiting here for 10 days (again) to see if it would clear up (we have been waiting since we first came here actually) but it is not changing any time soon. So there, our cycling trip ends for now, we shift perspective from being cycling hero's to enjoy the rest of our time vacationing, we are taking a bus back north and will try renting an apartment in a little beachtown some 200 kilometer below Bangkok. Anyway our butts are sore! So we can have some rest, (we find traveling around so much with a little kid pretty exhausting!!!) enjoy our own place and space and some good wheather at last (it is dribbling raining or overcast here in Krabi as well quite often, as well as being 30C so very hot and humid). Other than this traveling stuff the BIG Event was that Salome decided she no longer wants to wear a nappy, and she is now 100% zindelijk' (potty trained though there actually never was a potty) Hip Hip Hurray!!!!!! We are very proud of her, amazing to see how she makes these kind of decisions in her own time, knowing when she is ready for something. We love her so much! So who is who: David is the guy pulling the logistics together and getting good deals, Amira is the navigator and the food shopper, Salome is making funny jokes, spotting animals and very inspiring with a sunny mood whenever mom and dad are a bit worn out from traveling and slightly lose it.

Everybody enjoy yourselves!
Love Amira

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