woensdag 5 januari 2011


We are still on the horsefarm, and we are still the first and the only guests there, it is superquiet with a beautifull view of the Karst Mountains of Krabi and a supersize swimmingpool!! Salome rides the horses everyday, she now has a collection of Dutch, French and Thai animals she knows and loves and our bedtime song becomes longer and longer since it is about all the animals and Salome together wearing 'bandjes' in the swimmingpool and having fun. So we have the elephants Namphet, Lumyai, Dao Ryang, Mao and Baley, We have the horses Magnum, Smile, Jennifer, Samphet, Reglisse, Hazel, Maaike, Luna and Taelong, We have the dog Mickey, Lisa the pig and Truus the Cavia. Good thing we don't have to name the fish we see!
Krabi is on a beautifull bay, the sunsets are great, we go out to a little pier to watch the local fishermen and their boats and watch it go down, then we eat some food on the street, you can buy 3 good tasting meals on the street for the price of 1 starbucks coffee! So if you stick to the local stuff you can get by kind of cheap but not as cheap as we thought. We try to eat as raw as we can and we manage quite well, there's plenty of pineapples, mango's, apples, nuts, greens and veggies and Salome likes Durian! (THE king of raw fruit and it grows here) We add some rice, rice-noodles, yoghurt and we are thriving from the exercise, sunshine, swimming and yummie food. We have not been cycling a lot since we were warned about drunken driving around the holidays, 400 accidents a day and I read in the newspaper that some children were killed or wounded in their sleep by stray bullets that came through the bambooroof (many people live in houses made from bamboo) from guns fired by drunken people at newyearsparties in small villages up north. WOW.
So far so good, We are continuing our adventure......

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  1. Happy New Year to you too Ecolicious Family on Wheels. Good to read that you improvise to escape the rain and have fun with the horses. I'm curious what the next stage of your trip will be. Entering Malaysia?