vrijdag 14 januari 2011

Hotel DUNE Hua Hin

We feel like a million bucks in this beautiful hotel called DUNE, in a modern nice beachtown called Hua Hin,  it is in fact our dreamhouse! We wish we could live in a place like this with the most amazing view of the sea. There is only 5 rooms and everything is just equally pretty and welcoming and luxurious but you still feel a home and not in a hotel. Yesterday I met a woman who was vacationing in Thailand and she shared her experiences about being here 6 years ago in the very heart of the tsunami together with her husband and 4 kids, all of them swept away by the wave. They all made it safely in the end, but it changed their lives, and it was good to hear in detail this story and the effect on their lives since the tsunami-past is still so present everywhere in Thailand! To hear someone's personal story made all of that come alive for me. This trip makes us again deeply aware of how grateful we feel for all we have in our lives, to be safe, healthy, to have love, a connection with spirit, a roof over our heads, money, to belong somewhere in a place that feels like home, to have fresh foods in any quantity we enjoy, the ability to develop yourself.
And the small things like how great it is to have productstickers that actually come off again (what an invention!) (you know like when you buy something at Hema or Blokker everything has a sticker?), here they just never come off, you can scratch for hours at them but the glue doesn't come off.
So what else is really fun here: the food-culture, there are thousands or even a million people in Thailand I daresay, driving around in the most unexpected places with little outdoor kitchens made on scooters with all kinds of treats to eat, soups, stuff on sticks with little barbecues, corn on the cob, fruits, etcetera, people are always eating here, and they really enjoy it, and it must be somewhat allright stuff since there are not a lot of fat people here. One big sectret is I think that nobody eats wheat products. A street can be empty and within 30 minutes the whole place is transformed into a restaurant area with tables and chairs and fresh foods and women cooking in big pots. and of course a lot of people eating it! It starts at 4 a clock until midnight and then they all clear the place again to start all over again the next day. Our favorite is Green Papaya Salad (Som Tam) a salad with a great spicy dressing, lots of vegetables and some nuts.
Okay, lots of love from paradise!
Something peculiar also is to be in a country without any playgrounds, they just don't exist here. In all of Thailand we saw 2 places with swings that were completely overgrown and falling apart.

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