maandag 10 januari 2011

Tips for cheap ticket Bangkok Barcelona wanted

Dear friends, our adventure is injured by the weather, going south is rain only so no option.Yesterday we met 2 great and friendly worldbikers and we wish them good luck in the rain.Tomorrow we take the bus to Bangkok and want to fly to Barcelona this is our first choice.Otherwise Malaga Spain,or Faro Portugal.If somebody find a ticket from Bangkok to a place in south europe please let us know.More souls can do more.Here it's great but now we know Thailand and the culture very well and like to use our time left for a new adventure.There is a company called wicked campers and you can drive a camper from Rome to Barcelona.If you see something let us know.Our first plan was to go to Australia but with all the fluds the company advised us not to do this.

If you have ideas please let us know.

Happy vibes from Ao na Mao

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