vrijdag 28 januari 2011

The Monks Birthday

Today again an amazing meeting with something you cannot plan. Here in Thailand you see and meet new impressions in life. Like a mother who clean her daughters hair from lice with the fingernails and eat the founded insects, prostitutes cutting the footnails from her white lover near your breakfast table, a mothers hitting her child in front of Salome, a pig head for sale on the market & more of these interesting attitudes in life. Today i cycled along a little village passed the thai boxing school and saw a lot of people circling around, in front and nearly on me on the way to the temple on the hill. Normally no people here just a few monks, today thousands of people everywhere. I stopped the bike and walked with Salome along and through the human mass of sweating souls. Poor Poor Poor people from everywhere. They all tried to touch Salome who didn't like it and I had to punch the people away. The old women were really behaving a bit freaky today. People were standing in long rows. I didn't know what was happening and we sat down to look at this chaos. After 5 minutes a young lady came to us and explained the situation. The main monk had his 54th birthday today and everybody received free food, drinks and the poorest people received clothes and bags with food. Amazing situation. We ate great veggi food and met nice people, a young lady and her friends who lived 10 years in Holland but missed her country so now started an ice cream shop in Hua Hin, a nice man who has a company with steel attributes for your toilet and shower, bath attributes. Nice conversation about life,buddhism, greedy people, angels and their 7 levels and after that the 3 levels of the angels. Interesting and a lot in common with sant mat.
Radha Soami

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