donderdag 6 januari 2011

Cycling around Krabi & advice from the weather guru

Yesterday we met the weather guru of ao nang it's Will a dutch friendly and handsome man who advised us about the weather and what to do.He's also a cyclist and gave us a lot of info and nice routes.Thank you Wil.Today we cycled to the magic spicy garden of his friend Piet,Who teached us the beauty of nature,We now know how they make kortizonen and more.Dear Piet and Wil thank you for the support.This adventure came in the air when we met Marjan who is the sister of Wil and lives next to him.She was so kind to bring us to the MAkro(with the beauty car of Piet and Wil).Today we cycled around 45 km and enjoyed the big fish in a fish farm.Now time for sun and a little nap.Happy new year

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