zondag 23 januari 2011

Making holy music with the monks

Today was great.I went cycling with Salome and if you go into little villages and follow litlle streets you visit places you cannot plan.As i am a musician and hearing music the first thing i do is filtering if it's a cd or live music.I cycled in a remote street and the music catched my ears and it came from a temple. Salome and i parked the bike put of our shoes(rule no.1 in temples) and there was a big orchestra playing. 3 big gongs 3 sets of 20 gongs on wood 2 xylophones, 4 cymbal players 1 big bass drum like a dholak from india and 1 set of 20 little dholaks tuned that you can play melodies amazing tuning and 3 flute players.We sat down and listened the drummers invited us on stage while playing there parts of music we climbed on the stage  and we sat next to 3 drums and i played along. In there brake i played all the instruments and sung some impro song, they were impressed by my skills and before we knew we were members of the orchestra.I played the drums and the big gongs and learnt the repetoir.At another brake Salome played with a  big cat who scratched her after 15 minutes so we left.Again riding a way we don't now.Before we knew we were in the hart of an elephant camp were Salome hugged really big elephants.It's special but also  a bit scary.These animals are so big it's impressive to feel there nose sniffing around your body.After 40 minutes we drove back to the orchestra first we went listening and the parts i played before were sounding different to me.The gongs are so magical and important for this kind of music.They saw me and invited me back on stage it was so special.The conductor gave me a new piece of music and i was in heaven.After 2 months of not playing music it was a relief to play again, and such different music and instruments i used to play.After 3 sets they invited us for lunch and Salome loved to play the instruments as well.The magic of this orchestra is there is no competition at all.No competition but everybody thankfull to play together,This spirit is missing in most musicians i play or see playing.No ego no competition but harmony.This is how the way music is ment for religious warming the soul and having fun together.It's nice to be in the reallife as an member of an orchestra then you feel you are living the live and not a tourist doing nothing but develop and meet new skills.After this great adventure we went back and slept in our paradise.We woke up jumped on the bicycles again and went to a big market for thai people,it's great to be under the people and not in the tourist traps.There were big jump cushions and plastichorses who cyrcled with the power of a fan.The creativity here is so big.Make something of nothing.The we cycled to a luxuriuos resort because on all the signs there was organic food.We ate 2 delicious salads and Salome fried rice with vegetables and cashew nuts.Amazing service when we wanted to leave the crew gave us there number and told us the road is very dark and if we had an accident we could call them.How nice.
Sleep well xxxx

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