maandag 21 februari 2011

WWW.DUNEHUAHIN.COM Best Hotel we ever saw!!!!!!!

Dune Hua Hin is a great Boutique Hotel with the best service and atmosphere we ever met.5 rooms with a modern style makes it a trendy place to relax and enjoy.There are 2 swimming pools 1 on the roof and 1 very big pool in a beautifull garden wich is looked after with lots of love ,in the gardenpool you have great seaview.A great restaurant with roof terrace and a great cook, the water is dripping out of your mouth from the lovely food this princess can make for you.The rooms are very luxury with dvd library and music system.The service is the best we ever met and is 100 times better than a Hilton or similar because of the personal contact with the staff and the deication of this amazing crew.We love it here, we feel at home and are so happy every day that we can be here.We love the crew and Salome is treathened like a queen.

Thank you Dune for your friendship.

We love you.
If you want to visit check this beautifful site:

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