zaterdag 19 februari 2011

Surprise party & rough world cycling

After a great session of 1,5 hours with the dissabled dad who was the only one who wasn't tyred of the intensive laugh,sing,mime and massage session we ended up in the swinging pool to cool down.Round 12 it's getting to hot here so time for a nap and when we walked back from our afternoon swim our room was filled with presents for Salome, 1 big tent decorated as an shop with a window and a door with funny items as fruits,vegetables etc. airbrushed on the tent. 3 boxes of sweet cookies and a hammer wich when you hit it could sing happy birthday.So sweet.Amira started getting emotional from al the love this people bring us.When we walked into the roof terras/restaurant it was full with balloons and happy birthday salome on the walls,Party hats for the staff and us,winnie the pooh mugs and plates AMAZING so sweet.Pasta,pah-thai,fresh strawberries,chocolate malva with ice ,fresh kiwi smoothies,thai ice tea,orange juice and capochino's danced around the table and the staff keep on bringing meals till we couldn't walk around anymore.Salome was dancing around the restaurant up and down with her tent,and at a certain moment the tent was full of cooks and waitresses having fun with Salome.After this great treat of the Hotel wich we reveived as an present for Salome and as thank for my work with the owner i tried to climb on my bike to try to get some juice for Salome,the receptionist called me there was a phone call,it was the brother of Amira,Mister Sander and we told our stories of our journeys,they went 1 month to Morroco and we had the same adventures like if you;r in the mood and don't expect something,beautifull thing happen,He told me when he asked for david or amira they don;t know who he ment but he spoke the magic word Salome,aah yes Salome who was sitting naked running the reception,fax and the crew work around they now here,the new boss you mean.

Yesterday i had a hot downhill ride in dessert grounds with steep hills and heavy rocks, at a certain moment while driving 30 km downhill my handlebars got loose and i collapsed to a big rock hurted my foot but is allright now.

Happy vibes from a magical country

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  1. Hi!

    I'm so happy for you to read all this positive news on such a fine day. Congrats to all of you!

    I hope the three of you will enjoy the rest of you're stay over there. I guess the weather there is much better than here today in the Netherlands. We've seen some snow and temperature is just above zero. Hope it won't go down any further because that will destroy the nice roses over here ;-)

    Today it's Salome day! Good time for a great celebration.

    I wish I could be there too but, blablablabla, HAHA :-)

    Enjoy you're life! Best wishes from Hoofddorp the Netherlands.

    Irma & Gert-Jan

    Bye 4 now and hope to see you all again soon!