donderdag 24 februari 2011

Elephant,horse & mountain ride!!!!!!!

Salome and i go on adventure everyday, our favorite spots are 3 places with elephants and their little babies.We know the Mahut(trainers) very good and we can touch& hug them.We hear the ins and outs wich elephant killed who,some elephants are very dangerous, 1 female around here killed the son of the mahut who still drive her.A lot of male elephants have 1 or 2 deaths on their name they can sweep so hard that some tourists are unlucky,this is why i always take a lot of distance to show the elephant my respect,and then we are invited to come closer or not.Salome and i drove a lot in the mountains together and everyday we had great adventures from thai boxing,playing with baby cows,birthday party of a holly monk,making music with the monks and more.Today we drove along the city ,went to a school were all kids were dancing ,making music and doing sport excercises.Then we drove in the mountains to play with our favorite elephants and went to a big temple were some crocodilles were waiting for us.Salome used today the beach swimming pool and the roof terrace pool with the crew as her audience.It's so fantastic over here.Love

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