dinsdag 8 februari 2011

Atacked by a drunken knife holder

Today we went to a playground on the beach with our Danish friends.A drunken man asked us for money, we said no,but the guy kept on coming and we ignored him till the moment he came back with a bamboostick with a knife on it.We both were talking with our kids in our arms but kept on threathening,The dansih man 2 m tall used his voice and the drunk men left but after a few minutes stood behind us again with the knife.We decided this is not the best playground for today.Scary freaks nothing happened but the people drink here a lot of gasoline sort of drink were your mind is getting crazing after 1 sip.

I decided to start Thai boxing this week to develop my skills to have some technique to protect my family in this sometimes getting more agressive world.

I won't use the punches and kick for free but in the situations i sometimes get involved in i like to have some skills to protect and get out living.

Happy vibes from a sunny and hot Thailand

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