vrijdag 25 februari 2011

Last day, goodbye Thailand , crying hotel staff & plane delay

Today wasamazing, greatt breakfastwith fruit, noodles andcakes.Then cycled goodbye tour trough the city bought the last things for our flight and went to the pool.Our danish friends visited us witha present for sallome a beauty dress.The crew arrived when our cool big ford pick up arrived to bring us tothe airport and the staff started crying they love Salome and we love them the cook boughta teddy bear for Salo and we are touched deep in our harts.The taxi driver was great with a big traffic jam we arrived in 4 hours at the airport,then the big thing pack your bikes and try to get them on the plane.we had 8 kilo overweight but they were very coulant.Nowthe palne is delayed for already 3 hours and i am afraid it can take some moe hours but we will see.

We will miss this great country with such nice people.The smells,the different culture and the magical atmosphere.We are so thank full we could do this adventure and cycling in thailand is great.

Pictures coming soon.
Dear follower:
Thank you for your support,yoour patience and your interest in our adventure.

we will update this blog when a new adventure will come and you can join us.

we love you

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  1. Welcome back to Koorenhuis too.
    We missed you.
    Johan and me talked a few times about your trip.