vrijdag 18 februari 2011

Counting down!

We have come upon our last week here, never thought we would be living in a hotel for
6 weeks, but it has been really great. I can recommend it to everyone! I think next sunday I will wake up  and then wonder why no one is putting our breakfast on the table, and wonder why no one came to clean the house, I am probably that spoiled by now!
Also wonder where did our view go of palmtrees and the sun rising on the calm sea when you open the curtains, (yes, even in the toilet you have sea-view!), the sound of birds and rolling waves. And where did the guy go to open the door for me when I leave, do I really have to do this myself??
Yes you get used to these kind of things quite easily..... It has been good fun, we keep telling ourselves we never had a real honeymoon and that this makes perfect good reason to go and have vacation such and such but it have been quite a few vacations by now haha, but I think it is the best thing to do in your life: have lots and lots of honeymoons and enjoy them to the full. We are reading a book where someone favors this idea calling it  'mini-retirement', but I like mine better!
Salome is able to count to ten in english! (and dutch!) and she swims underwater now too with goggles!

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