vrijdag 4 februari 2011

Cycled 115 km and Our dog is ready for heaven

Today we cycled 115 km very hot and very fast this ride was with heavy mountains and beautifull sights.For my bottoms i tried something new i folded a little towel in 4 pieces and it worked great no pain at all.Only a very hot head.
We received a message that Micky our boxer dog who is 17 and which we saved from the circus and lived with us for 12 years is getting ready for heaven here back foot is not working anymore.

If somebody knows a person who lives near the hague and can do holistic massage please contact us.Normaly i can fix  or release her pain but now we are far away and still take 3 weeks before we are there.

Thank you

love to you our family and our lovely dog micky boxson

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Hey hey

    Ik zal eens rondvragen.. Vervelend nieuws!

  2. Hoi David,
    Wat triest voor jullie. Zul je altijd zien dat je huisdier iets krijgt wanneer je er zelf niet bent. Maar Mickey is vast in goede handen; is ze bij je moeder?
    Groeten, Johan