zaterdag 19 februari 2011

David the clown

I consider myself one of the luckiest people to be traveling for so many travels now with David since he is by nature a clown and we always end up in some strange and fun adventure simply because of who he is. In one of the newspaper-articles that was written about us before we left somebody wrote about him that in case he would meet somebody in a wheelchair he would want to go out and help that person, kind of as a way of serving a good cause with our travel. This is not really what we said in the interview and it seemed to us really funny when we read it: we could see that person being quite scared of us, imagine someone in Holland in a wheelchair approached by a Thai guy saying he is going to help the person....It is not how it works in the world. And goes in mysterious ways: he really did help the one and only person we met in our entire 3 months who was in a wheelchair, was even asked to do so. So yesterday and today I saw him get the party going with our millionaire-neighbor and some of their friends, singing songs and swinging away. He got this old guy who had had a stroke 5 years ago laughing out loud, in his own very special David-way. They were really happy with him and I think partly because of this all the staff are making Salome a huge party as we speak. I am in the lobby and everybody that is supposed to be working is blowing balloons, we are expected at 5 o'clock in the restaurant. They have been entertaining her all day already, she loves to help the cleaning lady or pick flowers or fruit in the yard, having a motorcycle helmet for a bucket in her hand, or sit at the desk pretending to be the receptionist (preferably naked). So far for not giving kids too many toys: they come up with the greatest things to do! 6 more days to go! Don't forget to come to Salo's party: sunday 27th 16.00!

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