maandag 14 februari 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine to everyone we love and care about! Thank you for your nice reactions to this blog, we only found the page with them about 2 weeks ago, we thought it didn't work haha! And then there were all these sweet posts for us waiting! Great!
Woke up today with a sweet Valentine card from David and Salome! February is our month of LOOVE, since it is our wedding anniversary, the next week it's Valentine's day and everywhere you are reminded of Love in the air, and then it is our sweet baby Salo's birthday. The whole month we are in an energy of sweet love and gratitude to have found each other to share life and love. It's the LOVE PARTYTIME for us. And we hope for you as well!

We are doing a lot of research here (since we have time and access to a good Apple Macintosh with higspeed internet) on how to SIMPLIFY our lives even more in order to free up more energy and focus to do the things we want: to play, be together, enjoy our jobs and time. This is a big process called life and you can keep learning. So far we already organised many things in our lives in better ways, and to be able to go on this trip is one of the things that came out of that process! It's unbelieveable how many people we met before and on this trip who said: I would like to do it but I can't because of blablabla.
It is fun to learn how to smoothe out your life instead of being caught up in the fast lane.

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