vrijdag 18 februari 2011

Salome's Birthday & Music Therapy

Tomorrow Salome is getting 3 years,the  Hotel staff is aware of this and they are already singing: Lappy bilthday .Fantastic.This afternoon the receptionist came to me and told me the owner is expecting me at 5 o'clock sharp??????I didn't know what was happening but this Hotel belongs to a rich men and is right side disabled >His doughter is the manager/chief and 1/2 days per 2 weeks here from bangkok to let it run.In a little conversation  i told her my job and said it would be great to experiment with her dad but would need 2 drums.Most things her people say yes but at the ending nothing happen.Not today she took it serious and bought 2 original Klong Yaws beautifull varnished and with shawls around the neck they look 2 happy drums.So i had some time to relax near the pool but the receptionist was calling me come come.OK totally sweating in a towel stinking with my summerhat i arrived at the local king he sat on the veranda with his wife and 3 maids standing next to him.Normally i give music therapy 1 on 1 but today with maids and a great and supporting wife(his wife)It was great fun these people are serious and the rangorder between the staff and the owners are like in the middleages.They stand next to you waiting for orders so i needed a pen and paper and in 20 seconds they flew it into my hands.The man couldn't talk but with singing he could repeat all the words  i sung.I wrote some excersises for the 2 maids(his private fiso and massage therapist)and we sung and laughed hard.I developped excersices to bound them and let the assistants sing with him so they were all equal for a moment,I give him a massage,played the drums and his rhythm is very good on left but right is total gone so instructed the assistants how to build it up again(try 2).Tomorrow at 9.30 he's got another lesson.Love you

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