zondag 13 februari 2011

Diesel Smoke Dangerous curves Red Simpson

This song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ROOyZ8_9ZFw is my favorite trucker song and it fits very good in Thailand.We cycle in dark deep diesel smoke and inhale it sometimes to much.The dangerous curves can you find here on the road but also in all the behaviour of the people the way they are living.There is a market close to our hotel and we are there waiting before the attractions are open.Fantastic to see.Owners fighting one is bold and in his stress takes a brush and brushes his hair.A smoothie seller face full of cream because his machine exploded.The childrens attractions are lightend with tl tubes wich are fitted with paper ropes.Big working lights fall down electricity network is made by people who have to wear a t shirt don't try this at home..

Dangerous but funny at the same time.Your eyeballs are rolling around and you could write novels and films about this abstract live style.

Red Simpsons album is the only lp i still got the rest of my collection i gave to my friend Leo of Strandtent de Fuut.

But this record wich my father bought in the 80ies for a customer were he made an sculptor of and who loved trucker music.

I still love it and handle with car.

Diesel smoke Dangerous curves

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