woensdag 23 februari 2011

Cycling in 40 degrees is hot!!!!!!

Every day it's getting warmer, you step on your bike and your shirt is totally soaked.Still great to ride and have some fun.We met a Polish girl on her bike and we gave her a lot of stuff we don't us,musquitto deet,sunblock,spoketuning material,shampoo,conditioner,crackers,maps ,routes etc. She was very happy and we too,it's nice to give and see someone smiling.Still everyday we ride around 40 km and have great adventures today we were in a  monk's home with 20 set up crocodilles,Salome loved it.Yesterday we met a bay cow and Salome played with her for 1,5 our,she walked around and the cow followed her and gave her a lot of kisses.These days we love our swimming pool so much to cool down and have some fun.We will miss it her but also love to go home but also really want to stay here.Sun is shinning and we love you all.Soon there will be a photo gallery to have an impression how it looked like.3 months out of your daily life is very good for a person,your relation and for a child to be whit her parents
.See you soon

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