zondag 13 maart 2011

New Pictures on www.ecoliciousfamilyonwheels.com

Back to normal life we stil enjoy the adventure we were part of in Asia.

New pictures on our website www.ecoliciousfamilyonwheels.com

We are happy with our Jobs.Our dog Mickey died 2 days ago a sweet loving boxer 17 years old is now in heaven.Thank you Mickey for all the love you gave us.

We thank you and hope to see you soon on our next adventure.

The website will be updated every week with new pictures


David,Amira & Salome

1 opmerking:

  1. Hi,

    Thanks for the nice pictures. It appears to me that I'm only seeing the left side of this pictures..??

    Maybe you should rescale the pictures before uploading??

    I'm very sorry to hear that Mikey has died. Dying is a part of live, and you can not complain about the rules of live.

    I'm pretty sure there is a heaven for all of us including dogs and Mickey is no exception.

    Mickey was a special dog, I can't explain why but I loved him and I still do.

    I love you all. Thanks for inspiring me an a lot of others who are reading this.

    Can't wait For you're next adventure!! Whatever that will be...

    God exists, enjoy you're life :-)